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Perfect for small businesses

No hidden cost or extra charges associated with any of these packages except lists with asterisk * which might require multiple third party service purchases based on your request.


We have other plans with more features for larger businesses


What is your turnaround time per project ?

Our turnaround is in 4 categories.
1. Smaller jobs take within 3 days (correction fixes, smaller print design jobs)
2. Small jobs take within 7 days (correction fixes, small print design jobs, animation & blog site)
3. Large jobs take within 15 days (complex correction fixes, larger print design jobs, animation & blog site)
4. Larger jobs takes within 15 days and above

You might want to ask the example of such job, it varies; smaller jobs can category can fall in small jobs category if you don’t get back on time on revision or you want to control every part by requesting  multiple revisions.

Do my payment renew automatically ?

No, when your subscription expired, you’ll make a fresh order to enjoy the unlimited monthly project requests. Don’t worry, all your projects ‘ll be intact on the site even the ones In-Progress

Would you shut me out of my account when my subscription expires ?

No, you’ll be able to login to access your projects plus the ones in-progress before your subscription expired but your account ‘ll be downgraded. Until you subscribe to any of the monthly packages again you’ll be required to set a budget/payment each time for your new project request, in other words, you’ll be charged per project.

Will I like the designs you summited for my project ?

Hopefully. We prefer you add details that will help us serve you better in your brief,  as much as possible such as:

  • Who your audience is
  • The scope of the project
  • The problem you’re solving
  • The tone of the project
  • How you intend on measuring the success of the project
  • Your competition
  • Aesthetic design ideas
  • Any other relevant information about your business
  • Due dates and so on

    Also, more than one designer will submit their entry in their individual style for you to have options to consider. If we don’t get the project right the first time, you’re at liberty to request more revisions till it’s perfect.


How does the 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee works on the monthly packages ?

If you’re not satisfied with using our service or you think is not a good fit within 15-days of signing up, you’re eligible for a full refund. The case where you want a cancellation but still want to use the designs created for you or have used any of the designs we created for you, We’ll only deduct the cost of such project.

Use the customer support widget on your dashboard to request cancellation. We’ll review your request and do our best to help find a solution. And if we fail to improve your experience, we’ll issue a full refund with no issue.

What is my billing schedule and when will I be billed again?

3 days before the month end, you’ll see notification in your account


Can I start multiple project at once?

With any of the subscription, you can request multiple project at once right from your account as you’d like and and everything will queue up for our capablexw to work on, each one after the other. 

In order to promote uniqueness, by default, designer A can’t see what designer B is doing, so the idea of telling either the designer A or B to merge the top of their design for example with another designer is not acceptable unless you request such from the admin and the barrier between them ‘ll be turned off and they can work as a team instead. 

Work with streams of multi skilled graphic and digital designers online and download your files.

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